Arnie’s fitness crusade protected by dozens of security

Arnold Schwarzenegger is carrying the twin burden of climate change and childhood obesity on each bicep, but the strongman apparently also needs a team of 40 to protect him.

Schwarzenegger swooped into Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Saturday for fitness expo the Arnie Classic, which this year is tackling childhood obesity.

However, most children wouldn’t have been able to see the film star, so well surrounded was the Governator by “Arnie’s Safety Team”.

This SWAT-like security presence ensured no one could get near the Last Action Hero.

Still, buff young men and women in muscle tees and activewear swarmed, holding up smartphones for a glimpse, perhaps one of Schwarzenegger’s famous one liners.

“Because there are tens of thousands of people around, we want to make sure that Arnold is safe and that people are safe,” said Schwarzenegger’s spokesman Max Markson.

Hard to imagine Arnie once cruised Melbourne’s streets solo on a hired bike wearing no helmet.

After a photo opportunity with wheelchair athletes, Schwarzenegger met with Opposition Leader and exercise selfie enthusiast Bill Shorten.

Shorten opened the meeting in true daggy dad style by holding up a video call to his daughter.

Shorten said the meeting would be about tackling climate change.

Schwarzenegger campaigned strongly on the issue during his time as Governor of California and famously pushed back on the Bush administration’s position.

“Schwarzenegger is on a worldwide crusade for fitness and especially for children’s fitness,” a spokesman said.

Whether its fitness, climate change or security, it seems Arnie doesn’t do things by halves.