Black Diamond AFL: Newcastle City Blues fight 2017 recruitment banphotos

Blues fight BDAFL recruiting ban | photos City win in 2009.
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City win in 2010.

City win in 2011.

Terrigal-Avoca win in 2012.

City win in 2013.

Terrigal-Avoca win in 2014.

Terrigal-Avoca win in 2015.

City win in 2016.

TweetFacebookHerald at Sunday’s BDAFL season launch that the Blues were prepared to talk to the league about ways to even the competitionbut did not believe a selective ban on recruitment was the right solution.

He said the club could be prepared to mount legal action if the ban stayed in place.

“There’s avenues we can take. We’re exploring those avenues,” he said. “Hopefully on Wednesday night we’ll be able to come to a conclusion or discussion that will be of benefit to everybody. At the moment we just want to be talking on Wednesday night before we move forward with anything else.”

Gardner said a player-points system likethose introduced in Hunter rugby union, rugby league and soccer could be the answer.

“We’ve done a fair bit of research in ways that other people have tried to equalise competitions, and we haven’t seen this [recruitingban] model used before.

“We’re more than happy to work with the board on what’s going to be the best model. A player-points system, we feel, is the best model and is not going to be as detrimental to clubs who can have theheart torn out of what they’ve done.”

BDAFL football operations coordinator Garry Burkinshaw said Terrigal had acceptedthe ban but City was resisting it.

He understood City’s “disappointment” but said a player-points systemin the BDAFL could force clubs to shed players, whereas the recruitment ban would allow clubs to keep all theirexisting players.

“We want an even competition,” he said. “At the moment we have four sides who realistically haven’t been playing with a chance to win the competition for effectively eight years.

“Hopefully the new players who come to town will end up playing forother clubs, because the last four or five years all the new players who have come to the Central Coast or Newcastle have gone to either Terrigal-Avoca or Newcastle City.”

He said some of the weaker clubs had already resigned players who had stopped playing in the past out of frustration.

The new season starts on April 1.